Welcome! This website exists to help you find and connect with the local businesses and groups across Worcestershire which are engaging with the issue of waste.  This website features the:

  • package-free produce for sale near you;
  • organisations that help to repair;
  • social groups that help to share and swap; and
  • places that allow you to dispose of waste responsibly.

The website is built by its users so DO let us know of any businesses or groups that need adding. We are largely a Worcester based team of volunteers at the moment and are always looking for input from across the county.


Zero Waste Worcestershire is supporting Worcester’s efforts to achieve Plastic Free status as a community, an award organised by Plasticfree Coastlines. You can read more about this by clicking on the Plastic Free Worcester menu tab.

Do you want your town to achieve Plastic Free status too?  Register as a Plastic Free Community leader with Plastic Free Coastlines and get in touch. We will add the project to the website and offer our support.