Plastic Free Worcester

_0134_N-WORCESTER (1)About

Plastic Free Worcester is a campaign to achieve Plastic Free status for Worcester.  Similar to the concept of a Fairtrade Town, Plastic Free status is achieved when a community has met a series of objectives set out by the awarding body, Plastic Free Coastlines.

These five objectives are designed to prove that we as a community are engaging fully with the issue of plastic waste.

Objective 1: Local governance

Requirement: Local Council passes a resolution to support Plastic Free Coastlines committing to plastic free alternatives and supporting plastic free initiatives within the constituency.

Objective 2: Local businesses

Requirement:  At least three single-use plastic items removed from 34 local businesses and retailers and replaced with sustainable alternatives.

Objective 3: Plastic free allies

Requirement: Spread the Plastic Free message far and wide.

Suggested targets: 50% of community spaces, i.e. places of worship,  community centres, at least one community organisation, i.e. WI, Scouting, Girl Guides, universities.

Objective 4: On the ground action

Requirement: At least two community events arranged and made open for all to attend in one calendar year.

Suggested targets: Two community beach (or suitable alternative) cleans or fundraising events for SAS to support Plastic Free Coastlines.

Objective 5:

Requirement: Local group of stakeholders to meet at least once per year to discuss the progress of Plastic Free Coastlines locally, agreeing and setting direction, meeting objectives and completing application for official Plastic Free Coastlines status.  For populations over 100,000 a flagship business employee must be a member of the group.


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