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General enquiries

If you would like to get involved with Zero Waste Worcestershire contact us by email on:

One of our volunteers will answer your query as soon as possible.

Some of the ways you can be involved in Zero Waste Worcestershire:

  • Make your town appear on the Shopping MapWrite a list of the local shops in your town that sell a package free good(s) and email the list to us.  The list needn’t be complete and can always be added to later.
  • Tell us about a group in your community that engages with the topic of waste. We will feature it on the Connect page.  At the moment most of our contributors are Worcester based so we are looking for new input from across the county.
  • Encourage shops to not use packaging – they will be featured on the Shopping Map if they make a positive change.
  • Photograph Worcestershire – we would like to make our website more colourful.  Have you taken a picturesque picture of Worcestershire that would inspire people to waste less?  We would love to feature it.
  • Share the website widely – the more users of this website, the more it will encourage businesses and organisations to make the sustainable alterations needed to be featured.

Plastic Free Worcester

If your query is in relation to the project Plastic Free Worcester – Fantastic! – you can contact the project directly on:

One of the Plastic Free Worcester volunteers will answer your query as soon as possible.