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Journey to Zero Waste in Worcestershire: Online

Summary:  This is a very active Facebook group where members discuss ways of achieving a zero/reduced waste lifestyle in Worcestershire, including recommendations of local businesses that follow the same ethos or have products that are zero/reduced waste or are complementary to the lifestyle.  This website grew out of this Facebook page as a place to consolidate and retain all the ideas and recommendations shared by the Facebook members.

Facebook page

Worcestershire & Herefordshire Nappy Natter: Online and local meets

If you’d like to know more about washable nappies, or if you’re having issues with your nappies and need help (disposable or reusable) this is the Facebook group for you.  Through the Facebook group, you can also find out about their meets and demos across Herefordshire and Worcestershire and meet local parents.

Facebook group

Green Drinks: Bewdley

This is an informal discussion event, usually on the first Monday of every month, in Bewdley on the topic of Green Living organised through Transition Bewdley.  There is usually a chosen topic announced beforehand to guide the discussion but the conversation is guided to a large degree by those present. The details, whens and wheres are advertised on their Facebook page.

Facebook page